Mon Mar 18, 2019 22:11
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Small-to-mid cap picks at this moment

While more and more investors and financial pundits have turned optimistic towards global equity markets (including Hang Seng Index & SHCOMP), we have to remind our readers that many people were very pessimistic towards markets during the beginning of 2019.Read Article
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First Comment: Lower system cost could be a cause for MTRC’s (66) train accident 15:59
Quammentary: Risk management related to aircraft leasing companies 14:22
New technology industries set for growth, but also subject to industry consolidation 15 Mar 2019
Quammentary: China GDP slowing, Fee & tax cut 15 Mar 2019
First Comment: No new games approved for Tencent (700) this round 15 Mar 2019
China may buy more Airbus aircrafts, affecting Boeing 14 Mar 2019
Quammentary: BOC Aviation (2588) may face slower growth due to Boeing 737 MAX factor 14 Mar 2019
First Comment: ND Paper (2689) could be severely affected by macro uncertainties 14 Mar 2019
Golden Egg Portfolio: Share purchase after FY18 results 13 Mar 2019
First Comment: Why we focus at state-owned enterprises involving less-cyclical industries? 13 Mar 2019
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最近騰生指數不跟美國跌,今天反而升。是否意味已跌夠?700 亦好像在$300以下很多人開始買入。 …
Hi Albert, I have been following the relationsh…
Could you do a detailed analysis on #1230? Thanks…
(1) What is the estimated recurring EPS and DPS of…
Hi Albert, What's your view on China Taiping In…
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First Comment: OOIL (316) results troughed last year
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