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Blending a Global-Macro perspective with long term Value Investing and short term Market Timing together, Quamnet Research team bring to our subscribers useful advice and research on how to construct a positive return portfolio, distinguish good investment theme from a flawed. Basic version consists of daily market analysis and company research reports. Premium version offers Q&A advisory, our Conquest Portfolio plus basic version content. QuamWise offers a weekly analysis in PDF.
Quamnet Research Premium - Research & Advisory
Quamnet Research
Quam Wise

Alex Wong is HK renowned Fund Manager and stock commentator, In Smart Investor, Alex will share his investment/trading insights ranging from HK Stocks, Commodities and Options. Services include Alex's pre-market forecast video, Virtual Portfolio and analysis reports. Premium Version users could enjoy Trading updates through website and Smartphone app, plus Q&A, Trading Strategy. In Super Traders Version Alex would send out his dally alert for short term trading in Smartphone app. Provided in Chinese only.
Smart Investor Super Traders
Smart Investor Premium

Handled by our previous head of Quam Research, Henry Chan, the Market Oracle service will discover for subscribers investment opportunities one step ahead of others. Henrys Market Oracle service includes three analysis articles per week on global economy and industry analysis, two market analysis videos, as well as virtual investment portfolio as a guide to subscribers. Provided in Chinese only.
Market Oracle

Kenny Tang - is a famous investment analysis and presenter of TV and radio programs, who provides exclusive news and professional knowledge in his new column, "Wealth Lecture" in terms of articles, video and Q&A. Kenny would also disclose the interesting topics and market forecast which shared with management of HK listed companies in dinner party. The service is provided in Chinese Language only.
Wealth Lecture
Technical Analysis

Sky Cheung - Sky is a professional trader with 27 years investment experience. He has been a newspaper columnist since 2000, sharing his own investment and trading philosophy and now is also a radio host of an online financial program. Often nicknamed "Sky Sir", he is proficient at using self-developed software and charts to accurately forecast stock price movements. Sky Sir's column "Chart Kingdom" will use videos, articles and LEGO charts to help readers analyze the "four changes system" of potential stocks and find investment ideas quickly.
Chart Kingdom

Handled by Ethan Choy, senior speculator, director of private equity fund investment, radio presenters of online financial program and also financial magazine columnist. Ethan often uses his unique technical analysis to predict the stocks market accurately, "Investment Strategy" provides useful investment data with the analysis system and features noteworthy stocks to readers.
The individual investment profolio and outstanding strategies would also be discussed. The service is provided in Chinese Language only.
Investment Strategy Premiun
Investment Strategy

Corporate employs various witty financial arrangements in the stock market to pull off their capital raising or restructuring saga. Series of rights issues, placements, asset injections... while these are commonplace in today's market, they entail investment opportunities as well. Those who want to grasp the real picture need a repertoire of knowledge as accounting, company laws, finance, and marketing. Quamnet is glad to have Leon Mui, who worked previously in big four and are well experienced in this corporate alchemy, to write for our members how to read the witty minds. The service includes articles, Q&A and watch list. The service is provided in Chinese Language only.
Witty Minds

"Muddy Water" (Stanley Wong) - As a financial columnist and former employee of an investment banking firm, Stanley Wong is experienced in investing in small-cap stocks and understands very well that it requires a different strategy to profit from them.
In the "Small-cap Sniper" column, Stanley will apply his solid knowledge in financial management techniques on collecting and analyzing news about small-cap stocks to seek investment opportunities. He aims to help individual investors to use their limited capital to win the "war".
Small-cap Sniper
Futures and Options Forex

Investment never be easy, the most important thing for an analyst should be take responsibility. Mr.LAM is the one you need. Colin is famous by his unique teaching talk "LAM's 18 TALK SHOW" which was popular in mainland China. In LAM's Future, you can find the newest tips and views by Colin, you can also learn his analysis skill and methods. The service is provided in Chinese Language only.
Lam's Futures

Option CEO by Kev Chan and Simon Choy
This is an Option Strategy Commentary Online which two distinguished option investors Kev Chan and Simon Choy offer two distinct approaches to option investing. The service consists of two weekly option commentaries from Kev and Simon. With their virtual portfolios and trading notes during the week, subscribers could learn how to make option investing a business to earn a consistent extra return. Service provided in Chinese only.
Option CEO

FX Expert Victor Ho provides trading opportunities for members in FX Action. Having worked in various major FX corporations as Barclays, DBS, Citi, MF Global, Victor has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the industry. In FX Action, Victor will offer his daily market views, intra day trading ideas by SmartPhone Apps Alert and weekly commentaries on mid to long term FX strategy.
FX Action

Patrick Cheng - joined the financial industry in early 1999, was one of the press editor from 2000 to 2009. He is also a famous Forex investment columnist in a number of media and interviewed by TV and radio frequently. His new column in Quamnet provides daily articles, watchlists and SMS alert to help members in capture more opportunities.
Forex Guide

Handled by our Fund and Stock Expert Paul Pong, the service comprises Mr. Pong views on Economics and Political events, Market outlook and Wealth management articles, twice a week video clips,Virtual Stock and Fund portfolio. Provided in Chinese only.

Quam Alpha System:
With more than 6 years of research on the major profit patterns in the HK stock market, QuamAlpha develops 4 core stock-pick modules - Trendup, Breakout, Rebound, Rebirth (with a new post-IPO stock module). These Alpha systems provide a good market map for filtering stocks and specific reference with entry, stop gain and loss price points. More to it, Quam Alpha also offers sectors/market width/my Portfolio etc. Service provided in Chinese only.
Quam Alpha System

Stock GPS, is the only one database in Hong Kong which provides basic data, financial data, annual reports, and connection of management of listed companies. All companies are systematically divided into groups. The complicated linkage of management and stock holders of every companies as well as related and updated information can be revealed. Subscribers can easily discover all useful information. With stocks sorting program, subscribers can find out their stocks and make their rational investment decision.
Stock GPS

Quam Stock Monitor provides real-time streaming stock quotes on Hong Kong market. Several product versions, from Basic to Pro Analyzer versions, are available with comprehensive features including broker and bid/ask queues, 2-window teletext, futures and option data, buy/sell power transaction ratio, real time 5 mins and 30 days stock fund flow charts, additional warrant-related features.
Quam Stock Monitor Pro Analyzer
Quam Stock Monitor Pro
Quam Stock Monitor Plus
Quam Stock Monitor Basic

iQ quotes anywhere service provides real time streaming HK stock quotes information in iPhone and Android smartphone, the service also offer a comprehensive web access platform with 2 Teletext Screen, Stock 1,5 Minutes Charts, 8 windows Matrix, 20X20 watchlist functions. The upgrade version comes with HSI index futures information.
iQ Quotes Anywhere
iQ Quotes Anywhere with Futures

Comprehensive company database of Hong Kong stock market including company fundamentals, market monitor, intelligent stock report and stock mining. The Plus version provides additional features which include company financials up to 10 years (with business or geographical segments breakdown), IPO Monitor, advanced charting system and Market Calendar.
Quam Stock Library Plus
Quam Stock Library Basic

How to win in the rapidly changing market and various trading factors? PowerTicker, intelligent analysis and programming tools can help you! Its function includes:
- Using program to simplify repetitive tasks and strengthen screening;
- Collection of most updated market information, breaking news, financial data, interactive chat, market analysis and stock and futures quotes;
- Providing over thousands of combinations: RSI rebounded, STC, continuous increase in turnover, breakthrough deal, etc.
PowerTicker - Diamond
PowerTicker - Gold
PowerTicker - Silver
PowerTicker - Basic

MetaStock® Professional is a comprehensive and popular stock charting and technical analysis software. It is designed to give subscribers a flexible way to identify investing opportunities.

Quam Radar is a HSIF real-time data feed service for MetaStock Software users. The data include:
Hang Seng Index Futures(HSIF), Mini HSIF, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Futures (HSCEIF) and Mini HSCEIF.
QuamRadar - HSI Futures data for MetaStock
MetaStock Professional
Subscribe to any 3 or above Analysis or Expert Views (including Quam Alpha) for 12months period could enjoy 15% off. Subscribe to any 2 enjoy 10% off. (streaming Quotes, Quam Radar and Library series are not included)

Just visit our Price List and choose two or above Analysis or Expert service for 12months period, the discount would be automatically calculated into the total payment.

Remarks: Please note above service features would be changed from time to time without prior notice.


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